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Invoice Number INV-1959
Order Number 12468
Invoice Date June 19, 2019
Total Due $237.62
Billing Address
Sharon Weigel
17006 Haven Ave.
Orland Hills, IL 60487
Shipping Address
Sharon Weigel
17006 Haven Ave.
Orland Hills, IL 60487
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1Key Tall (79-05) Protector$10.95$10.95
1Gatehouse Ex. Small Protector$3.95$3.95
1Measuring 5" (79-02) Protector$6.95$6.95
1Gathering Small Protector$13.95$13.95
1Army Figurine$7.95$7.95
1Gathering Medium (79-06) Protector$16.95$16.95
2Gatehouse Small Protector$15.90$15.90
2Cracker 1/2 Protector$7.96$7.96
1Cake Protector$14.95$14.95
2Chore Medium Protector$21.90$21.90
1Wall Pocket Medium$9.95$9.95
1Market Little (02-05) Protector$5.95$5.95
1Deck The Halls (00) Protector$9.95$9.95
1Fruit Medium Protector$7.95$7.95
1Fruit Small Protector$6.95$6.95
1Bee (2000) Basket Protector$6.95$6.95
1Foyer Ex. Small$3.95$3.95
12014 Horizon of Hope Dinner Protector$5.95$5.95
1Spoon Medium (82-02)$8.95$8.95
1Large Gathering Khaki Check Liner$28.00$28.00
1Measuring 7" Basket Protector$7.95$7.95
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